June 17, 2024

Lots of music this time around; for most of it, I don’t have a lot of information, and so not much to say. But you should listen to it all anyway.
Video: “Love and Hate” by S.P.Y. 
Some nice old-school Drum and Bass. You think that’s the bassline, but then— no, that’s the bassline. Definitely a headphone listen; your laptop speaker will not cut it. 
Song: “Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix)” by Eight and a Half
I don’t know anything about the original song here, so I don’t know how much the remix departs from it. But it’s nice and mellow without being gutless or anodyne, which is a difficult balance to strike.
Mix by Anenon (XLR8R Podcast #246)
Very cool, REALLY varied, really interesting mix. Just shy of an hour long. Available as a podcast, or as a direct download.
Video: “This” by Modeselektor with Thom Yorke
Modeselektor is a duo of German electronic producers; Thom Yorke is the lead singer of Radiohead. This is a really creepy video for a song they did together.  
Article: “Scamworld: ‘Get rich quick’ schemes mutate into an online monster” by Joseph L. Flatley 
If you spend any kind of time on the internet, you have seen ads— often pop-ups, blinking banners, or something equally intrusive and irritating— offering to let you in on a way to earn several thousand dollars a month working from home for just a few hours a week. Odds are, you close or otherwise ignore those ads immediately, because they are pretty obviously not legitimate. It turns out that they are deliberately made too look fishy, so that the only people who would ever click on them are people who are pretty gullible or naive to the ways of the internet. Those people will then be pulled into the web of a practice its practitioners call Internet Marketing (which is not synonymous with internet marketing more generally), which generally involves milking them for everything they’re worth in exchange for vague “training” in the practice of selling things online. Sometimes there is not even that much of a product at the end. This long and, really, pretty shocking piece describes the practices of some of the more notorious Internet Marketers, and even if you are not somebody who was likely to fall for this sort of thing, it makes for eye-opening reading.

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