June 21, 2024

Starting with a bunch of new music this week:

Song: Virginal II by Tim Hecker

I came to Tim Hecker’s last album, Ravedeath 1972, a bit late, but it became one of my favorite records of 2011. His work mixes noise with more “musical” sounds, sculpting it into a powerful sense of atmosphere. This is from his forthcoming record, and though it sounds quite different from the stuff on Ravedeath, it has a similar kind of density and beauty.



Song: “Waiting Game” by Banks

Apparently Banks has toured with the Weeknd, and the production on this track has some of the same hazy rumble— without the accompanying ickiness. Apparently she has an album coming out soon, though there’s no firm date yet; I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.

Via Disco Naiveté


Album: Basecamp EP by Basecamp

Basecamp are an R&B group (though I don’t actually know how many people are involved) from Nashville. That’s really about all I’ve got. Great production and singing that is solid but not overly elaborate.

Also Via Disco Naiveté


Article: “Names and Faces: The portraits of Julia Margaret Cameron” by Anthony Lane

Julia Margaret Cameron was a Victorian photographer— one of few women working in the medium, and someone who had access to the most rarified levels of English society. She photographed Tennyson, Thomas Carlyle, and many others; she was also Virginia Woolf’s great aunt. Her technique (or lack thereof) is an object of debate, but there’s no denying that she made unique and striking images. This is ostensibly a review of an exhibition of her work, but it’s mostly biographical, and she was a remarkable person.


Images: Paintings of “Sci-Fi Suburbia” by Simon Stålenhag

These are paintings of suburban Sweden— if a number of science fictional events had occurred, or technologies invented, long enough ago that their remnants have had time to crumble and decay. That description does not begin to do them justice. One of my favorites is below, but you should definitely go check them all out.

More at his website

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