2012 books lists

My Year in Reading, 2012

I read 105 books in 2012. That is unusual; it’s the first time (at least since I have been keeping track) that I have read more than 100. I am not really sure why or how it happened this year, except that for most of the year reading was how I usually felt like spending …

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2012 lists movies

My Year in Movies, 2012

I have never been a very disciplined movie-watcher; much more than with books or even music, , I have no ability to make myself watch the next thing on the list if it is not what I am in the mood for at the moment. So my list of movies is always unsystematic, and the …

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2012 lists music

My Year in Music, 2012

2012 for me was, first and foremost, the year of Spotify. Having access to Spotify dramatically changed both the quantity and the range of music I listened to. I went through, at various points in the year, a jazz phase (lots of Anthony Braxton, Miles Davis, Jason Adesiewicz, and Colin Stetson, among others), an Early …

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