2018 recommendations

May 26, 2018: Plastic Fantastic Ekphrastic

In “We Made Plastic. Now We’re Drowning in It”, Laura Parker’s recent cover story for National Geographic, the fundamental point— we make and throw away a lot of plastic, and this very bad— is not surprising; what she (and the photos, by Randy Olson) does most effectively is convey the scale. Because plastic wasn’t invented …

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2014 recommendations

Recommendations for January 5, 2014

#agir Recommendations for January 5, 2014 I’m trying to start the year off right, by being on schedule. I also thought it would be good to kick things off with some new music: Song: “Never Gonna Change” by Broods This song shares a lot of sonic DNA with Banks’s “Waiting Game,” which was pretty much …

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2013 recommendations

Recommendations for August 30, 2013

Starting with a bunch of new music this week: Song: Virginal II by Tim Hecker I came to Tim Hecker’s last album, Ravedeath 1972, a bit late, but it became one of my favorite records of 2011. His work mixes noise with more “musical” sounds, sculpting it into a powerful sense of atmosphere. This is …

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