2021 recommendations

September 2021

Once again, a little bit of a random assortment this month: Video: “When Stuff Gets on the Camera Lens,” by Mike Rugnetta Mike Rugnetta used to be the host of Idea Channel, from PBS Digital Studios. That show used media theory and philosophy to think about pop culture, and somehow managed to walk an extremely …

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2016 recommendations

Recommendations for April 1, 2016

For the last several weeks, I’ve been working on recommendations posts that have turned into other, longer things, which is one reason I haven’t managed to finish one. At least one of those may show up here fairly soon. Here, though, are a few things I’ve found interesting in the meantime. While you read, another …

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2015 recommendations

Recommendations for May 4, 2015

Video: “Terminal” by Jörg Wagner I’ve written here before about my interest in shipping containers and standardization. I’m partly just fascinated by the idea that the whole world can agree on anything, but also by what such agreement makes possible— the astonishingly fast movement of colossal amounts of goods of all kinds across the world, …

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2014 recommendations

Recommendations for August 30, 2014

I’m starting with a couple of lengthy articles today, which are both worth reading in themselves but also talk to each other in interesting ways.   Unintentional conversation: ”A Matter of Time” by Gabriel Sherman, and ”What Happened to Motorola?” by Ted C. Fishman Though the businesses in question are quite different, in essence these …

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Recommendations for April 9, 2013

Getting back on the wagon here after missing a week. Several good things to read here, bookended by some new music. You can get all of the articles from this week as a Readlist here.   Song: “Don’t Stop” by Joey Purp Lately, Chicago rap has become associated— at least in the mainstream media— with …

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