2022 recommendations Year in Review

December 2022

December 2022 This month, I mainly wanted to do some kind of end-of-year roundup thing. I actually really like list season, when everybody’s publishing their best-ofs and favorites; I think’s its a useful way to round up the year, reconsider what you’ve seen and heard and read, and maybe catch up on some things you’ve …

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2021 recommendations Uncategorized

December 31

Getting this one in just under the wire, so that I will have fulfilled my resolution to write at least one post a month. I know it’s not an original sentiment, but this has been a weird year— one in which time has seemed especially elastic. 2021 went by very fast, but at the same …

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2013 lists music

Favorite Songs of 2013

I’m never really comfortable putting together a list of songs (or anything else) and calling it the “best” of the year— not because I don’t think it’s possible to make a reasonable stab at such a list, but because I think that in order to do so you really have to have heard a lot …

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2013 recommendations

Recommendations for June 15, 2013

A relatively short list this week. I also do not have Friday teach as an excuse for being late this week— the class is done, and I was out taking pictures. You can see one of them here, and there will be more up in the next few days. Anyway: Video: Tiny Desk Concert by …

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