2016 books Year in Review

My Year in Reading, 2015

In 2015 I read 77 books. That’s a fairly big increase from the previous year, when I read 57, and it happened without my making any conscious effort to read more. It also happened, I should acknowledge, without my apparently wasting any less time doing stupid things on my phone and whatnot. I did actually …

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2013 books lists

My Year in Reading, 2013

I read 66 books this year. I set a goal of 52, or a book per week; obviously I did more than that, but still a lot less than last year. That was a deliberate decision. By the end of last year, reading started to feel competitive (even though I was not actually competing with …

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2012 books lists

My Year in Reading, 2012

I read 105 books in 2012. That is unusual; it’s the first time (at least since I have been keeping track) that I have read more than 100. I am not really sure why or how it happened this year, except that for most of the year reading was how I usually felt like spending …

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