2019 recommendations

Models We Live By

First, some shameless self-promotion: I made an album, and you can listen to it (and buy it!) here: Moving on… There’s a well known Borges story called“On Exactitude in Science”, in which the desire for a perfectly accurate map eventually results in “a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and …

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2018 recommendations

November 11, 2018: Seen and Unseen

I’m going to acknowledge up front that my theme this time may be a little bit tenuous. I’m talking broadly about awareness as much as literal sight, but a number of the things I’ve been thinking about do have to do directly with the visual realm. “On the Nose”, by Chris Ip, describes the work …

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September 8, 2017: You Gotta Represent

Note: I actually mostly wrote this a couple of months ago, before getting derailed by…life, I guess. So, some of the links are a little dated, but looking back over it I decided I was sufficiently satisfied with it to finish it up and post it anyway. I’m doing a lot of reading lately, mostly …

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Recommendations for February 27, 2015

#agir Recommendations for February 27, 2015 Somewhat by accident, I have a lot of stuff this week about photography, the environment, and the intersection of the two. First, though, some music that you could be listening to as you read this post: Playlist: “Selected Ambient Works, v.3” by Richard D. James; selected by Mark Weidenbaum …

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