2023 recommendations

June-July 2023

A whole bunch of stuff this time, since I missed posting for June. It turns out that I also wrote a whole post for January but never put it up, so I am just going to stick that on the end here. First, a couple of sets of photos that, to my eyes, go together: …

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2022 recommendations Year in Review

December 2022

December 2022 This month, I mainly wanted to do some kind of end-of-year roundup thing. I actually really like list season, when everybody’s publishing their best-ofs and favorites; I think’s its a useful way to round up the year, reconsider what you’ve seen and heard and read, and maybe catch up on some things you’ve …

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2022 recommendations

November 2022

I wanted to start this month with a bit of catch-up, posting some things from earlier in the year that I intended to write about earlier but, for one reason or another, never did. First is a pair of articles from the New Yorker: “A Lake in Florida is Suing to Protect Itself,” by Elizabeth …

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2021 recommendations

July 2021

I’ve got kind of a miscellaneous set of things to read for this month, without much of a theme, so I will just get right to it: 1) “The Rotting Internet is a Collective Hallucination”, by Jonathan Zittrain Once a year, I teach a class on technology and democracy. One of the ideas that I …

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April 2021

Phoenix is sometimes referred as the most ecologically unsustainable city in the world. A city of millions in the the middle of a desert, it says something about what human effort and ingenuity make possible but also perhaps about how long impossibility may require to manifest itself. Needless to say, the city depends entirely on …

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2017 recommendations

February 26, 2016: Putting It Together

Once, during the summer that I worked in the campus computer store, a chatty customer began talking to me about science fiction books. One he mentioned specifically was The Mote in God’s Eye, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. This stuck in my mind only because he was impressed that I knew what the word …

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2015 recommendations

Recommendations for July 26, 2015

Kind of a long one this week, so lets get right into it. Fist, while you’re reading you can listen to… Mix: FACT Mix 505 by Alessandro Cortini I’m not sure exactly how much of his own imprint Cortini is putting on the tracks here, though I think it must be quite a bit. In …

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2013 recommendations

Recommendations for August 25, 2013

I missed posting these last week, because we were still on the road and our access to the internet was inconsistent (why can’t hotels figure out how to provide decent WiFi?). To make up for it, here’s a whole bunch of stuff, including quite a bit of new music.   Article: “Life of Pi: How …

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