2021 recommendations

May 2021

I’ll start off this month with some music, beginning with this playlist by Jace Clayton, for ArtForum. Jace Clayton is also DJ/Rupture, and he’s probably best known for finding and promoting interesting new music from parts of the world that aren’t the United States or Europe. (I quoted from his book Uproot, about the way that digital culture is changing …

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2017 recommendations

September 24, 2017: What is Lost

I’ve recently begun playing the game Nier Automata, which takes place (as so many things do) on a far-future earth where machines have taken control, exiling humanity to the moon, from which they stage attacks on the machines below. Describing that setup by itself doesn’t do the game justice; it’s beautiful to look at, the …

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2016 recommendations

Recommendations for April 1, 2016

For the last several weeks, I’ve been working on recommendations posts that have turned into other, longer things, which is one reason I haven’t managed to finish one. At least one of those may show up here fairly soon. Here, though, are a few things I’ve found interesting in the meantime. While you read, another …

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Recommendations for February 27, 2015

#agir Recommendations for February 27, 2015 Somewhat by accident, I have a lot of stuff this week about photography, the environment, and the intersection of the two. First, though, some music that you could be listening to as you read this post: Playlist: “Selected Ambient Works, v.3” by Richard D. James; selected by Mark Weidenbaum …

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