Music as Memoir

23 Jan

As I write this, I am listening to Leonard Cohen’s new album, which somehow seems appropriate. But the inspiration for this was something quite different: the (mostly online, highly specialized) argument about Lana Del Rey. I am definitely not going … Read More »

Recommendations January 21, 2012

21 Jan

Comic: The Unwritten by Peter Carey (writer) and Peter Gross (artist) My number one recommendation for this week has to be this series. I have now read the first three volumes; the fifth was just published. The story involves … Read More »

Weekly Recommendations, 01/13/2011

13 Jan

Article: The Truth Wears Off, by Jonah Lehrer (The New Yorker) Lehrer writes about the “decline effect” in scientific research– the fact that the results of many experiments tend to diminish or even disappear upon replication. He suggests that … Read More »