Recommendations for 03/25/2012

24 Mar

Lots of words for you all this time— both mine and other people’s. Song: “Lay Your Cards Out” by Poliça I actually heard this on a podcast a few weeks ago, and meant to track it down then, but … Read More »

Recommendations for March 10, 2012

9 Mar

A little more music this time around, but I’ll start with a couple of good reads: Article: “Farther Away” by Jonathan Franzen Here, Franzen manages to bring together birdwatching, the history of the novel, and the life and death … Read More »

Recommendations for 03/03/2012

3 Mar

Text-heavy selection this time around. I guess it has been that kind of week (whatever that means). Article: “Fail Worse” by Ned Beaumann The author of my favorite book of last year discusses the appropriation of the phrase “fail better,” from … Read More »