2015 recommendations

Recommendations for August 23, 2015

Song: “KYBM” by Tunde Olaniran A producer/rapper/singer from Flint, Michigan, of all places, Tunde Olaniran is pulling together all kinds of different sounds on his debut album, which is one of the most interesting things I’ve heard this year. This track is fairly representative, to the extent that any one song could be.   Article: …

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2013 recommendations

Recommendations for June 23, 2013

Late once again, so let’s get right to it. Song: “One Half” by Julianna Barwick A new track from Julianna Barwick’s forthcoming album, Nepenthe, due out on August 20th. Barwick’s MO is to pile layers and layers of her own vocals onto each other, generally obscuring the lyrics but creating beautiful, limpid spaces out of …

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