2016 recommendations

Spaces and Boundaries

#agir 09/13/2016 Spaces and Boundaries Note: I’m trying a shift in the format of the recommendations, in which I’ll attempt to draw a bit more of a connection between the various links. This is inspired by Deb Chachra’s excellent Metafoundry newsletter, which everybody should subscribe to. The new academic year is getting into gear for …

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2013 recommendations

Recommendations for December 2, 2013

So, obviously I have not been keeping up with these very well. I’m going to go ahead with this week’s, and hopefully get back on schedule from here on out. Some of these are a bit older than usual because I chose them a couple of weeks ago, but hopefully they will still be new …

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Recommendations for February 8, 2013

  We’ll start this week off with some music, and then some stuff to read, and finally some pictures to look at. Album/Mix: “0181” by Four Tet This is a collection of early Four Tet tracks, either unreleased or unavailable for a long time. If you go to the Soundcloud page for the set, you …

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