April 2021

Phoenix is sometimes referred as the most ecologically unsustainable city in the world. A city of millions in the the middle of a desert, it says something about what human effort and ingenuity make possible but also perhaps about how long impossibility may require to manifest itself. Needless to say, the city depends entirely on …

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Recommendations for February 21, 2015

Quite a list this week, so I’ll get right to it: Article: “Tempo Shifts” by Colin Dickey It may have struck you at some point how absurd it is that we need a little poem to tell us how many days each month has (and even the poem needs that awkward little coda to deal …

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2013 recommendations

Recommendations for July 12, 2013

I took last week off for the July 4th holiday weekend, but this week we are back to normal (so to speak).   Video: Gary Hecker – Veteran Foley Artist SoundWorks Collection: Gary Hecker – Veteran Foley Artist from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. Foley artists make the sound effects for movies and television. This video …

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