Some Recommendations

While I’ve not posted anything here in quite a while, I have been collecting things to write about— so many, in fact, that trying to assemble some kind of essay out of them has become an overwhelming prospect. So I’m doing an old-fashioned link roundup of some recent(ish) things I think are worthy of attention. …

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2015 recommendations

Recommendations for July 19, 2015

Obviously, it’s been a while, so this one is a little long, and it goes back a little further than usual to some stuff I’ve had queued up for a while. Article: “To Build a Better Language” by Sam Dean A short history of the artificial and proposed “universal” language Esperanto, occasioned by the availability …

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Recommendations for April 19, 2013

Video: Stephen Colbert on the Boston Marathon Bombings So, this week did not get off to the best start. I lived in Boston for a while, and I know quite a few people there, and so I spent about an hour on Monday on the phone and on Facebook and on Gchat making sure that …

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